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Do you need to complete a Medicare enrollment application?

Perhaps you want to make sure that you are able to complete it correctly & in a timely fashion as well?

Well, we have just finished putting together an extremely valuable resource, that will help you complete your 8551 forms from start to finish!


Not only will this new knowledge help you complete your own 8551 forms, but it will also help you expand your medical billing service, and help you to earn more money by offering a new service…right away!

But, completing the Medicare enrollment forms is not the only way that you will be able to bring in more money for your service. Now, you will also have many more leads in which to market your billing service!

We have found that by adding this credentialing service, we have been able to add a substantial amount of additional earnings through completing the enrollment forms, as well as adding new clients to our billing service.

You can now have immediate access to this brand new valuable resource!

Learn how to offer credentialing services starting with the Medicare enrollment application CMS 8551

Inside You Will Discover…

• Information you need before you begin the application process
• Information on which forms must be completed for different situations
• Information on using the PECOS website and the Medicare website
• Complete instructions for completing an individual enrollment application
• Complete instructions for completing a CMS 580 EFT
• Complete instructions for completing a CMS 460 Participating Provider agreement
• Compete instructions for completing a CMS 855R – Reassignment of benefits
• Information on where to obtain the forms you need
• How the NPI# ties into the Medicare enrollment application
• How the NPI# can stall the processing of the application
• Check list of required information and attachments
• Pros and cons of Medicare participation
• Information on when you can expect to get paid for your Medicare services
• Information on PTANs and UPINs
• Information on participating with Medicare HMO or Advantage plans
• How to find the right Medicare carrier for your area
• List of required information to complete the Medicare enrollment application
• Plus – addresses for all Medicare carriers!

Offering these credentialing services to your clients can open up a brand new world of possibilities for you!

Here’s how credentialing has changed our business.

Our Story…

When Michele and I started our medical billing business in 1994 we had a difficult time getting started. Not so much getting started, but getting successful. It took a long time for us to get profitable. It was difficult and discouraging. There was no place for us to get good information or help. We wanted desperately to succeed, but didn’t know how. My point is that we know where you are coming from. That’s why we started writing our books. We wanted others to not have to struggle like we did.

We got calls, many calls from people like us who just wanted to start their own medical billing business. They wanted advice. We wrote about the questions they asked and the obstacles we had to overcome.

One of the biggest problems we had was bringing in enough income to keep going. As we signed up a few small accounts, we found it didn’t cover our expenses. We needed something to bring in more
immediate money as well.

In looking at the ways we can best help others to get started in their new businesses, we searched for ways to both bring in money quicker and find more accounts at the same time. We’ve been working hard the last few months to put together a plan to help beginners at medical billing.

At the beginning of our business most of our time was spent marketing – searching for new accounts. We wanted to find a marketing technique that would bring in money quicker to help the beginning medical biller through those tough first months of very little or no income while searching for new accounts. And we’ve found it!

We found a marketing technique that does not require much investment, has a fairly short learning curve, brings you in an immediate income, and is highly effective at finding new accounts.

Our Discovery…

Once our medical billing business was well established we found that many of our doctors wanted to either participate with a different insurance company or had a change in their office that required the need to complete a credentialing application. If a provider moved or changed tax ID it was necessary for them to complete a new Medicare application. Often they would ask us if we could complete these applications for them.

We were eager to keep our accounts happy and Michele is very good on the computer so she would oblige them by completing these applications free of charge. These applications can take quite a bit of time to complete and as time passed, Michele found too much of her time being consumed by completing these credentialing applications. We finally determined that we had to charge for this service and found that providers were very happy to pay to have this important job done by an experienced skilled person.

As we began to advertise that our service completed medical provider applications for participation in insurance companies, we were amazed at the results. We got calls from all over the country. We developed a system to handle the credentialing and found it really helped to bring in extra cash.

Not only did it increase our income, but providers from all over the country were calling us for help. They liked the service they got from us. Many were also interested in our billing service too. And they told their friends. We were soon receiving referrals from our first credentialing jobs.

That’s when we realized what a great opportunity this is for the beginner searching for new clients!

We talk to so many people who want to get their billing businesses started and struggle to find the way. Credentialing is a great way to find new providers who will need to start billing insurance companies!

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