Author Topic: Recourse for negligent billing service costing our practice thousands!?  (Read 18757 times)


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Oh LORD YES! I have found patient credits ranging from $60-$3k+ and other patients accounts that have been so badly mangled that I've had to actually go through each date of service long hand, cross referencing the EOB's and double checking the patient payments! I can't even begin to tell you how many patients must have decided not to return after receiveing a statement. There are overpayments on one date of service and owed amounts on the next, patients billed for services denied as mutually exclusive or coding errors on behalf of the biling service. It's definitely a mess in that regard!  ::) Unfortunately some of these credits are over a year old and the majority of the patients aren't even aware of it because of all the mistakes.

The only brightside is this has given me some great experience regarding identifying and resolving issues which will be helpful in future positions where someone, be it a billing company like the one we had the displeasure of using or a biller employed by the doctor's office, has made a mess of things! LOL.

Thank you so much to everyone who's helped me out with this!  ;)