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« on: September 05, 2012, 08:44:47 AM »
I'm thinking about a new way to market my business and that's attending one of the conferences here in Missouri for 2013 thru the Missouri American Family Physicians just wanted to hear peoples thoughts if thay had much sucess on gaining any business as a exhibiotr and what do I need to stand out in my booth to make physicians stop and ask questions about my services. Thanks for any input in adavance.


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Re: Exhibit
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2012, 08:57:09 AM »
This is just my opinion but the price for a booth seems quite steep, $850, $1000, or $1650, but if you gained a new client it would be worth it, not so much if you didn't. 

I'm interested to hear if others have had success. 


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Re: Exhibit
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IF they limit the exhibitors by type for example only having one or two billing companies, I'd say it MIGHT be worth it. I would find out how many exhibitors they are taking, what type they are, etc.   That's a steep price but it's NOT below average. The conferences / seminars that the carriers put out are a much better gamble, some won't charge you anything plus your there learning as well. I would also say that if you do this with Missouri American Family Physicians, MAKE sure you have a compliance plan available. I say this because physician conferences usually contain information for the physicians on outsourcing and one of the big things they are focusing on is compliance. Telling physicians to be sure the outsourced company has a compliance plan. I went to a pediatrics conference and that was brought up as the number one thing physicians are told to ask for from a billing company if they are thinking of outsourcing. Also the AMA is telling doctors the same thing. You want to be prepared and get your money's worth. When I went I had my compliance in a very large binder available for them all to go through, I was quite surprised that many did take the time to go through it.
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Re: Exhibit
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It depends on your definition of "success. Typically, this event type is great for building brand awareness/name recognition. Depending on the additional opportunities from the event host, you may want to consider to broaden your reach. You may also want to consider issuing and releasing a press release online, to your existing clients, prospective clients, local paper, trade journals, etc. A hook could be something educational/fresh/unique that you will have knowledge/expertise on. PMRNC's post re: compliance is a good one. Perhaps your "give away" could be a compliance checklist or similar.