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Title: how does one possibly get started
Post by: ellie on January 20, 2011, 07:38:44 PM
Hi everyone,

I have over 20 years experience, not a certified coder more of the A/R side , feel like I am taking a step forward and two steps back. I live in alittle podunk town. I am not getting any younger. Would anyone take time to help me ??
Title: Re: how does one possibly get started
Post by: PMRNC on January 20, 2011, 08:26:29 PM
I live in a podunk town myself, none of my clients are local!

Have you been out of the field for a while? I ask because if you have it might be a good idea to take a course to freshen up and get familiar with all the new HIPAA and HITECH rules..compliance, etc.  If you have previously worked in a doctors office than you want to make sure you get familiar with the business side of things if you are looking to start your own business. Things like insurance (errors/omissions, equipment, etc), compliance plan, contracts, etc. So tell us a little more about your experience and we can better help you.

Title: Re: how does one possibly get started
Post by: ellie on January 21, 2011, 10:04:04 AM
I have been in the field since 1985. Currently in the business doing A/R accounts in an ASC. I have been an office manager in the past many years ago, but I know that I have the skill to do it again, just want to make more money and I know that I can but just haven't gone outside the box if you will again in a long time. Would really like to work from home and make money and/or office manager but do I want the headache of that ?
Title: Re: how does one possibly get started
Post by: PMRNC on January 21, 2011, 06:15:52 PM
Well certainly if you want to work from home and begin your own business there are pro's and con's you'll have to look at for your own purposes. One thing to keep in mind that if you decide not to start your own business, but you want to work from home is that it's REALLY difficult to find a position like that.. One of biggest reasons of course is the assumption of liability to the practice and then there's the costs, if a provider is going to pay an employee to work from home they will spend MORE money than doing in house ans as opposed to saving money by hiring an outsourced company. Starting your own business of course does require the research to check into your state/local rules/laws, tax preparation, attorney, insurance, etc.  I will say it's worth it in the end if you succeed, but as with any business you have to put in what you want to get back. Start-up costs can be anywhere from $5000 to $10,000.  You will also need some sort of insight into ongoing education to keep up with the industry.  Then there's the marketing which is usually the hardest part.  BUT again, I'm only giving you the con's there..the pro's of course are; potential for  good sustainable income, make your own hours, add to your services by any means you see fit and worthy, and of course the best perk... YOU GET TO BE YOUR OWN BOSS.  (though at times that could be a con as well) <g>
Title: Re: how does one possibly get started
Post by: Alice Scott on January 22, 2011, 04:50:40 AM
I see it as you have 2 choices. 
1.  You already know it is going to be a headache you don't want so don't go for your dreams.  Remember - you are getting older and slowing down.  Stay in your box. 
2.  Decide you want something more out of life than what you are doing now.  Recognize that if you don't go for it now you never will.  Research what it would actually take to "run the business."  Not just do the billing.  I'm talking about all the responsibilities that fall upon a business owner.  Are you ready to learn about what they are and if you could handle them? 
You make it sound like the answer is in the flip of a coin but it isn't.  This is a big decision.  There are a lot of questions to ask yourself.