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Title: Proposal
Post by: ste on July 21, 2009, 01:56:58 PM
How long (in pages) should a proposal be? How much time should elapse from the point where the potential client agrees to look at your proposal and the potential client has the proposal in their hands? In other words, how much time should I spend writing the proposal? 1day, 2days, a week?
Title: Re: Proposal
Post by: PMRNC on July 21, 2009, 02:31:11 PM
Most of those questions can't really be answered "Generally speaking" Each proposal is going to be different and based on your conversations with each potential client and their needs. I've done one and two page proposals and then I've done 5-7 pages, it's all according their needs and what you have discussed up to that point.

Generally I will offer up an incentive for them to accept the proposal and sign my contract. I might offer $100 off my setup fee if they sign within 2 days, or maybe I will offer 50% off their first invoice, it really depends on how hot the prospect. If I have not offered them anything I will do a follow-up with them about 3 days later and depending on how that goes I might offer up an incentive then.