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Title: I have a growing medical billing business in business for about 1 yr
Post by: Alice Scott on March 21, 2008, 08:54:41 AM
I have posted this question in both Software and Starting a new business because it has a little of both.

I have a growing medical billing business in business for about 1 yr and growing faster than i can keep up.  I currently use ezclaim as my software .  while my software is very inexpensive it is very manual.  I am interested in looking into purchasing new software that does more of the work for me. recommendations?   

Hi Aliyya,
Congratulations!!  Getting started is the difficult part.  If you are growing already after one year, you are doing great!
How many clients do you have now? 
How many do you anticipate in the next year? 
Do you work at this business alone or are you expecting to hire one or more employees in the next year or two. 
All these questions make a difference. 
As you grow, you want to make sure your software is reliable.  You can’t afford to lose your information.
We’re still working on our software comparison and hope to have it ready by summer.  I don’t know if you’ll be able to wait that long. 
We really like the Lytec ourselves and find it very reliable.  They offer enough versions to take care of all the questions I asked you in the beginning.  If you’re interested in the Lytec we have a great reseller to purchase from who is very helpful. – Deanna McMerty at 732-780-6896. 
If you’re not in a hurry to purchase, we might have some more information for you in the next few months.
Let me know where you are at.  If you do decide on the Lytec and call Deanna, I’d appreciate it if you would mention our name – Solutions Medical Billing.  She gives us credit.

Hi Alice,
Thank you for responding.  First let me say I appreciate your service.   I have been billing for 30 years and always have I needed a co-hort to assist with coding issues as well as other billing issues.  Your service gives me some peace of mind because as you know no matter how long you have been billing change is consistant in the medical billing industry. When I started this business I already was billing for 1 dentist and 1 MD.  Since May of 2007 I have added 4 Doctors and 1 Dentist. In the past 2 weeks I have pickup 3 of these providers!  I would like to pick up an additional 5 Providers over the next year.  I have 1 person helping me but she is handeling the 2 Dentists while I concentrate on the MD's.  I am entertaining the thought to hire a data entry person within the next couple of weeks to free me up from entry and then I can concertrate on follow-up and other billing issues.  However, cash flow is still an issue mostly because of the untimely payments from some of my providers.  To say all of that, I am not financially stable yet and buying software is an issue for me because of that.  However, I have spoken with Deanna and I am looking at purchasing within the next couple of months.  Please keep me informed on the software comparison you spoke of.  I thank you again for your fast response to my email and your wonderful service.  Incidently, I am going to purchase a couple of your books next month, I eventually want all of them!
Title: Information on Medical Billing Service Providers
Post by: rakeshvanamali on May 19, 2008, 02:50:49 AM
My name is Rakesh and I work as a Research Analyst learning the medical billing industry. I am looking to understand the following;
The Role of Billing Service Providers vis-à-vis Providers
leading medical billing services in the united states
Size and dynamics of the Medical Billing Industry; and
Agencies / Legal Provisions governing the Medical Billing Industry

Could you tell me where I would be able to source the above-said information from?
Would you know of any helpful websites?
Thanks very much
Title: Re: I have a growing medical billing business in business for about 1 yr
Post by: Alice Scott on May 19, 2008, 11:18:10 AM
Hi Rakesh,
The questions you ask are difficult to answer because they are so broad.  I feel that you are asking me to write a term paper or something equivalent.  First of all billing services act as an agent for the medical providers to collect payments for services provided by the doctors from the insurance companies and possibly patients. 

I don't know where you would look for the size and dynamics of the Medical Billing Industry and agencies.  It's big.

If you are concerned with the legalities, I would suggest you see a lawyer.  Each state in the US has different laws regarding medical billing.