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Title: OB coding and billing
Post by: sdr21124 on May 19, 2008, 12:48:53 PM
Hi all,
  I sure hope you can answer this question, we are a billing company in Arkansas and have just contracted with an OB/GYN doctor. He is going coding happy with the 0502F code, he is putting this on every superbill he submits!! Help!! Everything I have read about this is that it has no charge amount,and is only a reporting code. Also, since he is doing this, what should we actually be billing when the pt comes in for their regular appt. during their pregnancy? Isn't this all included in the delivery code? We are so confused since he started doing this. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Title: Re: OB coding and billing
Post by: Michele on May 20, 2008, 09:05:00 AM
  The 0502F is used to report subsequent prenatal visits.  It should be billed with a $0 charge.  If there are no other charges to bill that day then it would be the only charge on the bill.  Normal prenatal care is included in with the delivery.  You might want to call a provider rep for your local BCBS or another company, to ask them if they want the 0502F's billed even when there are no other charges. 

Good luck