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Title: CMS1500 Box 24F
Post by: gmandler on May 22, 2008, 09:17:22 AM
Thank you for your service as I'm a little guy BC/BS provider and confused by the insurance muck.

I have software that generates a CMS-1500 for me.  In box 24F should that be the charge per unit or the total charges for that procedure?    My software puts it in as the charge per unit, then multiplies it by the number of units in box 24G to arrive at the total to put into Box 28.

For example my unit charge is $30/15 minutes  (BC/BS pays in units of 15 minutes up to 1 hour for my counseling).   I see people for 1 hour so it is 4 units.    The software puts a $30.00 in ox 24F and a 4 in box 24G, then a total of $120 in box 28.
BC/BS says (depending on who I talk with) that it should be $120 in box 24F not $30.   

Can you please clarify.

Thank you kindly,
George Mandler
Title: Re: CMS1500 Box 24F
Post by: AIR on December 13, 2008, 12:37:45 PM
Item 24F- Enter the charge for each listed service.
Its somewhat vague description but ...
24f is the total charges for that procedure in your case $120.00 and 24g must have the units in your case 4.  The instructions clearly state on Item 28 "Enter total charges for the services (i.e., total of all charges in item 24f)" and if you put $30.00 on item 24f then is incorrect to have $120.00 in the total on 28.

You can look up the instructions on