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Title: Billing
Post by: Gloriamaxx on December 15, 2009, 12:16:35 PM
I am a newbie.  I have my company sit up for sending the claims...I have my business registered.  I have a website on the works and flyers and survey and my doctor list.  Don't have my first client yet.  I am currently getting trained on the software.  My question is while researching I see so many people doing many other things for the Doctors.  If I just want to bill from home would I be asked to make appointments or get payments for the patients or send out reminders.  I thought the biller was just there to put in the data entry of the encounter then code and send the paper work out electronically.  I do have the company that will let me do the appointments but Do I have too.  If I do is that a part of the billing or is it added in. 
Title: Re: Billing
Post by: Meli on December 15, 2009, 02:00:18 PM

Those are not additional services you "have" to offer to your clients but are good to help secure clients who may need more than just billing and would like to have all their services handled in one place.  Be sure to not add more services than you can handle as credibility with your clients is extremely important and word of mouth travels fast (good and bad).  When you say you have your business registered, what registry are you referring to? 

Title: Re: Newbie....Billing
Post by: Gloriamaxx on December 15, 2009, 03:11:32 PM
Thanks for replying

I just registered my busniess with our CITY/County office.  I wanted to make sure no one else has the name I chose.  It only cost $23.  Okay...I know I want to bill.  I also have a co-captain who is good at billing also.  I just need to find out the fee.  I want to charge per sheet.....but I don't want to cheat myself.  Where can I find out the going price?  My web based company I am using is open 24/7 so I can send claims whenever and whereever.  What a good price to charge?  Or wouldn't mind charge per hour.....but also what a good price?  I don't want %.  If the doctors sees 50 patients in one day and I charge $10 per sheet that is $500.  Is it common for a biller to get paid before the claim is paid or after.  My software also does reports.  I feel my experience as a biller and also my schooling should help me in the business.  I am still in school getting another Degree that will enhance me in Billing.