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Title: obesity coding
Post by: rh on March 09, 2010, 09:59:41 AM
Any advice?  I am a M.D. who is starting a program for obesity and weight management.  It includes regular office visits.  Nursing visits for BP and weight checks as well as some injections (B12).  It also included 2 times monthly nutrition counseling by a educator (not a nurse).  I will also be communicating with the patient by phone and computer. 
Any advice on how I can bill for some of these services to recoupe some costs for the patients.  My current plan was to bill the E/M codes for my M.D. services, code for the Nurse visits.  I didn't know if there was any way to bill for the educators monthly time or the phone time.

Thanks in advance
Title: Re: obesity coding
Post by: Michele on March 10, 2010, 09:53:32 AM
There are codes for phone consultations but I don't think any insurance carriers ever cover them.  There are also codes for nutritional education 97802-97804.  You need to check the laws for your state to determine what credentials the person must have and the guidelines for billing.  The E&M codes for the MD & nurse visits will be fine. 

Good luck