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Title: Considering severing our participation with NYS Medicaid.
Post by: Alice Scott on March 07, 2008, 05:00:13 AM
I represent a NYS physician provider.  We have been part of the NYS MEdicaid program for the past 20 years.  We are considering voluntarily severing our participation with NYS Medicaid.  (NYS physicians who participate in Medicaid receive about $7.50/day on a inpatient E&M code or 20% of the Medicare 20% coinsurance for beneficairies that have MCare and Mcaid).

It seems to be costing us money in overhead to remain in the program.

If we severe, can we bill patients for our standard fees like everyone else and then collect a discounted fee based on financial hardship?? or are we obligated to write-off the entire Medicaid amt??
Maria J.

Hi Maria,

   We understand your feeling the need to severe from NY Medicaid.  We too are in NY and many of our providers suffer from participating.  If you are not a Medicaid provider and you see Medicaid patients, you need to inform them that you are not Medicaid providers.  Then you can bill your standard fee and if you document the chart, you can write off any or all of the amount as long as you document the hardship.

Good luck