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Title: Need Help with Address Change
Post by: statimmedical on February 03, 2012, 06:53:08 PM
Hi All,

First I want to say I have learned a lot from this forum.  Thank you all!! 
Now, I have a question.  I have a new client who works for a group currently.  She wants to also have her own practice and see her own patients separate from the group.  She wants to work solo and doesn't want any other therapists under her.  I have contacted all of the insurance carriers,Medicare and Medicaid and got the necessary information i need to add her new location with them.  I did a lot of homework to find out all of the necessary documents needed!!  Now once I send them her w-9, new address and necessary docs. do you think there will be a problem with the billing?  I mean will the insurance companies send the money to the wrong locations?  Oh BTW I will be doing the billing for her solo practice.  I just don't want any $$ going to the other facility.  Do you think she needs a NPI II?

Thank you! :) :)
Title: Re: Need Help with Address Change
Post by: PMRNC on February 04, 2012, 07:33:24 PM
Yes she should already have an NPI.  It's hard to say it will go smooth, each carrier has their own method and time frame in updating provider records. I always like to follow up with each carrier to be sure the change was made.