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Title: Posting E.O.BS
Post by: JParrish on August 18, 2012, 08:58:50 PM
I am gonna ask a bunch of stupid questions, but if anyone can help out...that would be great! When I am posting E.O.B's (especially in ALLSCRIPTS) I notice that some claims have not been paid, then i check the correct web portal used to check that claim status (and it is paid for the exact DOS but different CPT codes) how do i post the EOB if it has been paid through the web portal? because I can not balance out, i can not close my batch. Anyways, these were all EOBs that were given to me without expanation, also how do I know if the check has already been posted? ???
Title: Re: Posting E.O.BS
Post by: Michele on August 20, 2012, 06:43:41 AM
Your question is really more specific to your PM software and your practice's procedures.  Personally, if I go on a web portal and find out about a payment (as a billing service) I have a procedure for how I handle it.  I enter the payment into my PM Software and note that the payment info came "per web" and note the ck#, date paid, etc.  Then I also notify the provider's office that I didn't get that eob.  They may have gotten it but inadvertently didn't forward it to me.  The web usually will give the contractual adjustment, patient responsibility, etc, so I enter all info.