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Title: Oximetry 94760
Post by: joyce on October 31, 2012, 09:44:04 AM
Hello, I'm wondering how to get Medicare to pay for Oximetry 94760 when the dx proves medically necessary.  Now that I've gotten the necessity correct, the still are denying for:

N20 - Service not payable with other service rendered on the same date
CO-97 - Benefit included in the pymnt/allowance for another service/procedure thats already adjudicated

Here are the other codes I billed:  99214-25, 94760-59, 94664-59, 94640, 94640-76, J7614, 96372, J1100, 87880-QW

I called MCR and was told it bundled to the office visit and 94664 and the only way the 94760 is payable is if is not billed with other payable codes on that day.

I guess I'm confused, is this a modifier issue?  Is there something else I should have done here?

Title: Re: Oximetry 94760
Post by: Michele on November 04, 2012, 05:05:42 PM
I do not believe that it's a modifier issue.  I believe that Medicare considers the 94760 to be included with any E&M code.
Title: Re: Oximetry 94760
Post by: deedee on February 20, 2013, 04:35:14 PM
As far as I know medicare will not pay for this code unless billed separately.