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Title: Linking Codes and Attaching a Modifier for a CMS 1500
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Could someone tell me if the diagnosis and procedure code ORDER as well as the diagnosis pointer ASSIGNMENT is correct for CMS 1500 submission? These codes apply to a 40 year old female pt who was seen for her annual checkup and during the examination the physician finds a lump in her left breast.   The physician considers this a significant finding and performs a problem-focused  E/M service.I was given the codes below and added modifier 25 to the office outpatient code to indicate that a significant separately identifiable evaluation and management service was provided by the same physician on the same day as the preventative medicine service. 
Box#21 Diagnosis...                   Box#24DProcedures...              Box#24E Diagnosis Pointer
#1 V70.0                                   99396____________________1(Attaches V70.0 to this procedure)
#2 611.72                            99212-25____________________2(Attaches 611.72 to this procedure)