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Title: web site to use for Billing Kareo vers Xena vers officeally?
Post by: JuMic on October 18, 2013, 03:01:09 PM
We are about to start our billing business in a couple months.  Have been billing for 2 providers for a couple years using office ally.  Now we are going to go full time and are ready to get on a web site that probably does more.  I see that two years ago their was a discussion about Kareo and Xena but nothing lately. 
Any others for me to look at?  Xena is doing some strange stuff when I try to go to their web page.  I have tried getting to it several ways and this is all I get:Welcome to nginx on Amazon EC2!

If you see this page, the nginx web server is successfully installed and working on your Amazon EC2 instance. Further configuration is required.

Complete documentation in PDF format is available locally on your EC2 instance and should be accessible using this link.

To quickly set up working nginx environment on your EC2 instance, refer to how-to available here.

For online documentation and support please refer to
Commercial support is available at

Thank you for using nginx.     
Any suggestions?
Title: Re: web site to use for Billing Kareo vers Xena vers officeally?
Post by: RichardP on October 18, 2013, 03:41:04 PM
What do you need that Office Ally does not give you?
Title: Re: web site to use for Billing Kareo vers Xena vers officeally?
Post by: JuMic on October 19, 2013, 11:06:31 AM
At this point I don't even know just what we do need.  We use Office ally for two myself (I am a working therapist) and one other therapist.  We haven't done reports.  Clearly need to learn that.  We are going to start very specific...private practice mental health folks. 

I am hoping to figure out, with your help, which are the best and check those out. 

Has any one used office ally for their business?  I do have a call into them to find out about doing multiple providers.

One concern (I am sure there are more we will come up with as we learn the programs) is how much the provider has to do to be signed up.  Can we do it for them?
Also, wanting separate data file for each provider.  May be it is easy once we look into it.

I am just wanting to narrow the number of programs I explore.  It is clear to me that web based is better for us than a software program. 

So any suggestions?
Thanks for listening and any advise you can share.
Title: Re: web site to use for Billing Kareo vers Xena vers officeally?
Post by: JuMic on October 21, 2013, 12:15:26 PM
Just talked with Alice...Xena is out of business! No wonder I could not figure out what was going on with the web page. 
Anyone using a web based system?
Title: Re: web site to use for Billing Kareo vers Xena vers officeally?
Post by: StephD on October 22, 2013, 09:58:09 AM
I use web based billing and have been very happy with it.  We use Office Ally for my full time job and we are happy with it.  For my billing business we use My Clients Plus.  It is for speech, occupational, physical therapists and mental health providers.  I have been very pleased with how easy it is to use and their customer service has been very good.  They are constantly doing updates and improvements based on customer feedback. 
Since I don't bill for mental health providers, I can't really give any feedback on my experiences other than ST, OT and PT.  I do like how we are able to track our authorizations because my therapists don't have time to count sessions or keep up with dates.  You have 30 days free of charge to try them out.  After that it is $29.95 per month and that rate gets discounted once you hit a certain number of practices you set up with them. 
Title: Re: web site to use for Billing Kareo vers Xena vers officeally?
Post by: RichardP on October 22, 2013, 11:53:28 AM
Names for Office Ally are a bit confusing.  The company "Office Ally" has two parts that we use:  the clearinghouse part, also named "Office Ally", and the Practice Management/Billing Program part, named "Practice Mate.

From within Practice Mate, you enter the relevant data, and then click the appropriate icon to submit that data to billing.  What this does is transfer the appropriate data from the Practice Mate" part to the clearinghouse part, named "Office Ally".

We also have clients on our own proprietary billing software.  At the appropriate point, we print CMS 1500 forms to submit to the insurance carriers.  Except, we "print to disk" (to a text file), instead of to CMS Forms.  In the clearinghouse part of Office Ally, there is a button to click on to load that text file to the clearinghouse.  Office Ally sucks the data out of the text file, and from that point on, the data we submitted by text file is indistinguishable (to Office Ally) from the data that gets transferred over to the clearinghouse side from Practice Mate.

Office Ally is currently free, unless total claims submitted for the month are 50% or more Medicare.

We have separate accounts for each of the doctors for whom we submit data to Office Ally.  We have a Log-on ID and Password for each account.  But it is possible for a billing company to set up one account, in the name of the billing company, and have one Log-On ID and Password.  Once logged on with the billing company ID, you can then work on as many clients as you have that are using Office Ally, without needing to log in for each of them.

Our proprietary billing program creates an independent data file A) for each client, or B) a single data file that contains data for Doctor 1, Doctor 2, Doctor 3, etc.  (MS Access dbase.)  You will not get a data file that you can take with you when you use Office Ally.  You can import a limited amount of data into your client's database at Office Ally.  You can also export to an Excel spreadsheet a limited amount of data from your client's database.  That spreadsheet can then be imported into a different database from a different billing software vendor.  I know about importing and exporting demographic data at Office Ally.  I'm not familiar with importing or exporting financial data, but whether one can do that should be easy enough to determine.

We do the kind of billing that requires a great deal of note-posting to specific accounts, in a way that is immediately visible when the account is accessed.  As of now, Practice Mate does not have the ability to do this.  You can attach notes to a given date of service, but they are part of the data on the screen - they don't "pop up" when the account is accessed.
Title: Re: web site to use for Billing Kareo vers Xena vers officeally?
Post by: JuMic on October 26, 2013, 04:55:57 PM
Thanks all for the info!  I think we are going to stick with officeally (practice mate)for now.  Seems it does what we need, we know it and it is free.  Richard it sounds like there might be some additional benefits to change as we build our practice.  Thanks for the detailed answer.
Title: Re: web site to use for Billing Kareo vers Xena vers officeally?
Post by: knkkeaau on November 07, 2013, 02:27:27 PM
I like TotalMD- they are 99.00/month for unlimited providers, and they link with Office Ally for your clearinghouse. They do charge a one-time 99.00 set-up fee for your billing company, and they charge by the # of billers (per computer) accessing the system, so if it's just one biller, it's 99.00/month regardless of how many providers you are billing for. If you have need for more billers using the system, it is another 99.00 per biller and it gets discounted with more billers using the system. Hope this helps.