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Title: Questions about Getting Started
Post by: faydee on August 14, 2014, 08:17:30 AM
I have a provider who would like to switch their billing to me :)  I've done a lot of reading on the forum and would like some clarification on getting started and steps to switching her over. 

I've decided to go with TotalMD and Office Ally for the clearinghouse.  My questions are:
Do I need to notify the insurance companies of the change?
Is this correct for Medicare: Complete the EDI form for GA on Office Ally, and the 855B (provider bills Medicare under her LLC)?

I think that's all for the moment.

Thanks for the help.
Title: Re: Questions about Getting Started
Post by: Michele on August 14, 2014, 08:45:06 PM
The only insurance that needs to be notified is Medicare and possibly Medicaid depending on what state you are in.  With Medicare you need to complete the CMS form (CMS 855B for LLC with more than one owner) and complete section 8 with your info.  You will also have to do EDI paperwork for Medicare and any other insurance carriers that may require it.

Good luck!