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Title: RVU
Post by: Anand on January 27, 2015, 11:24:28 AM
Well, one of the Dr's is kind of looking forward to understand the RVU's we have billed - so we have picked up the units and calculate the RVU's that are available in the on-line however the question is we have working RVU and Non facility RVU - when a dr wants to just get the data's should I pick both or just the working RVU
ex Units - 2 CPT- XXX, working RVU - 2, non fac - 3 -> was the cal be working rvu + non fac RVU * units (2+3*2) = 10 or the work RVU 2* 2 = 4. the Dr said he needs just the work RVU with units but I am wondering if that can be projected by excluding the non-facility RVU
Title: Re: RVU
Post by: kristin on January 27, 2015, 09:02:17 PM
Does the doctor work in both facility and non-facility settings, or one or the other? If he works only from his office, you need only focus on the non-facility RVU's. If he does both office and facility work, you need to show him both sets of RVU's.
Title: Re: RVU
Post by: Anand on January 28, 2015, 07:13:11 AM
Thanks Kristin - I felt the same but the Dr' wants to just get the RVU based on the work RVU and not on the non-facility no's -

For ex : xxx cpt : Work RVU :2, non-fac RVU - 3 , units - 2 - so we were calculating (Wrk RVU)(2), (Non fac RVU)(3) => 5 * (2) unites =>10 but the Dr said, he needs Work RVU (2)*(2) units =>4 so can this be looked this way, I am wondering whats the difference between the work RVU vs non fac RVU

Hope I am not confusing.