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Title: Test your knowledge quizzes
Post by: PMRNC on March 14, 2015, 10:45:24 AM
I'm looking for about 25-30 more testers to gather additional data I need to continue updating these areas in the PMRNC learning center and throughout our members only area. If you would like to take advantage of our testing your knowledge quizzes .. for a limited time only.... I will allow the first 25-30 people to take the quizzes we have offered. Please message me or add here your full name, email and which quiz you would like to be added to. (you can choose all if you wish). The data I accumulate from these quizzes help me develop the learning areas of our members only area. The current test your knowledge quizzes available are:

Payments and Adjustments -
This quiz was meant to test your knowledge of various insurance plans and how payments and adjustments are applied to a patient account.

HIPAA - Basic and Advanced (separate quizzes)
This quiz is meant to test your knowledge about HIPAA and HITECH along with the various functions of covered entities as well as Business Associates.

Coordination of Benefits -
This quiz is more of a challenge to your knowledge about how payments and adjustments are calculated with additional plans! This quiz goes beyond knowing which plan is primary!

You can email me at , I need your full name and email address to add you. PLEASE specify WHICH course you would like or you can choose to take all 4. 

The quizzes will allow you to go back in and re-do it, but for data we are gathering we are only taking the first attempt.  Any feedback you would like to provide afterwards is GREATLY appreciated!!