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Title: Marketing / The accumulation effect
Post by: williamportor on April 30, 2015, 06:18:32 PM
Much has been written here about marketing and how difficult it is to break in to this business, and attract new clients. This is true enough of course, especially if one is starting with little cash and/or little time for marketing activities. For those who may feel a bit discouraged by their apparent lack of progress, please realize your efforts over time will accumulate and build a strong client base if you do not give up. It's easy to become discouraged, but think of your business marketing efforts as a rocket ship. Rockets use 90% of their fuel escaping the earth's gravitational pull, after that, only a small push will keep them going. Medical billing is a business like any other, and can become a grind at times, but success in medical billing is reserved for those who maintain a consistent effort. Whatever your marketing efforts are, be willing to try new things if you wish, but keep going! If you want to read more about this, read the "accumulation effect" it's targeted at Real Estate brokers, but has many lessons for medical billers as well. Fortune favors the persistent! :)
Title: Re: Marketing / The accumulation effect
Post by: PMRNC on May 02, 2015, 02:44:12 PM
Great Info!

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