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Title: Medical billing outsourcing
Post by: gwenyth.bethan on September 29, 2015, 12:07:31 AM
Just wanted to know how among you guys have tried outsourcing your medical billing. How was the service?
Title: Re: Medical billing outsourcing
Post by: Michele on September 29, 2015, 08:12:50 AM
Many on the forum are actually billing services, including me.   I have been doing this for over 20 years, and before that I worked at a major health insurance carrier processing medical claims.  What we have found is that billing in house, and outsourcing both have their problems.  I will cover both:



I know the list for Outsourcing is shorter, but the one item is huge.  Many providers pick a billing service based on fees and that is a mistake.  For example, many years back when we were charging a percentage we started billing for a provider whose previous service charged 2% lower than we did (and we were not high!).  The provider was very hesitant to come to us, but the previous biller was not doing a good job.  We convinced him to give us a try, telling him that the difference in our fee would be made up by the increase he was going to see in his receivables.  He went from an average of $40,000 AR per month to $90,000 without increasing his patient load.  As you can see by the math, the difference he paid us was well worth it.

So some tips if looking for an outside service:

That will definitely get a good conversation going.  Most offices (both with inhouse billing & outsourced) lose their money on denied claims and aging reports not being worked.  Focus on those questions.  The answers should be specific and prompt.  If they hesitate on their answer, they probably don't have a system in place and therefore are probably not handling them effectively.

Please post if you have more questions!  We love to educate on outsourcing.  :)