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Title: Substance Abuse Counseling
Post by: cawilson on June 20, 2016, 12:00:24 PM
The psychologist that I work for is starting a separate business for substance abuse.  We will be an independent practice with the psychologist and a Master's Level addiction therapist working under the psychologist's supervision. Would this be billed incident-to or some other way?  I have been able to find lots of information for facility billing but not independent providers. Thanks in advance for any help!
Title: Re: Substance Abuse Counseling
Post by: kristin on June 20, 2016, 07:24:36 PM
Medicare, to my knowledge, does not allow Master's Level therapists to be considered NPP's, when it comes to billing incident to. For other insurances, it is a matter of whether or not they follow Medicare's incident to regulations, or not.

This link:
provides info on office setting incident to, and if you Google "incident to requirements" you will find a lot more.

I think the problem you may run into is that the therapist won't qualify as an NPP, and won't be able to get credentialed on their own with insurances, either.