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Can a hospital submit a bill from NP without an NPI number?



Some of our doctors do not want their nurse practitioners to have NPI numbers because they “supervise” them when they order lab tests.
It is my understanding that the hospital cannot submit a patient bill on an patient whose orders came from a nurse practitioner without an NPI number. Is that correct?
Is there a reimbursement difference? Is there a deadline?
Many thanks.
James W

Hi James,
All medical service providers, including nurse practitioners are required by HIPAA to have an NPI number. How you bill for their services can remain the same, but they should have the NPI number regardless of whether the Dr is supervising them or not. You cannot bill for an NP with the NP’s name, using a Dr's NPI number. Some insurance carriers reimburse lower for NP’s then they do for Dr.s. The deadline was May 23rd, but NPI numbers can still be obtained.
Hope this helps,


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