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Can we bill for orthopedist using space at our clinic?


Need some clarification on a billing situation We have a clinic that is owned by our hospital. It is not classified with its own provider number, is not classified as a RHC or clinic of any type. We currently have an orthopedist that utilizes the space and 2 of our staff members (RN and a med sec) to see pts once a week as a satellite clinic. He bills for his services of course. Do we have any billing opportunity there? I do not see one. He brings his own supplies as necessary and pays no lease or rental fees for use of the building.
What's your thoughts?
Jamie E

Hi Jamie,
Thanks for your question. It's an interesting one. I don't see any billing opportunities here for you, the clinic. It sounds as if the Dr. who is seeing patients at your facility is performing office visits or other services that are normally provided in an office setting so you wouldn't be able to bill for facility charges. However, since the provider is utilizing 2 of your staff members and your space, you would be justified in charging the provider rent, at least to cover the expense of the staff members he/she is utilizing.
Hope that is helpful.


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