Author Topic: What a qualifier is (on the PINs tab) for each provider?  (Read 1810 times)


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What a qualifier is (on the PINs tab) for each provider?
« on: March 12, 2008, 06:37:35 AM »
Good Day:
I am using Medisoft 11,3 and was wondering if you could explain what a qualifier is (on the PINs tab) for each provider?
Also, can you tell me what crossover claims are and if it is important?

Hi Randy,
Thanks for your questions. I'll answer the 2nd one first. Crossover claims are when the claim information is forwarded electronically to the secondary insurance company by the primary insurance company, thus eliminating the need to submit the claim on paper. When the primary insurance company processes the claim, they forward all information including their payment over to the secondary company for processing. It makes for a lot less paperwork for the provider.
As for your first question, I am not familiar with the qualifier that you are referring to. I have never used Medisoft personally. However, I did try to get some information for you. In version 11 when you enter an Insurance Carrier and you need to know the qualifier – click on the PINS tab and then click the Help on that screen on the right hand side…. It will pop up a screen that has the word PINS in blue- and underlined…once you open it you can scroll down and see all the qualifiers listed there. Pick the appropriate one.
I hope this is helpful.
Thank you so much for responding, Michele. You and your website are, by far, the most helpful source of information for medical billing that I have run across....and I have visited many. Most tend to be oriented toward marketing so I can never be sure if the information they give is designed to educate (i.e. help me) or simply sell a product. You can quote me on this too.
Randy M

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