Author Topic: Need assistance with medical billing for foreign facilities?  (Read 1444 times)


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I have a local medical billing company in Houston and we are expanding into the medical tourism industry. We would like to obtain some assistance in the following topics.

1) What is the proper way to identify a foreign facility if we bill as a U.S. billing company?

2) Is there a country code and if so how can we obtain a list?

3) As a U.S. billing company that handles foreign hospitals how do we obtain an N.P.I number?

4) Are there specific issues which must be addresses with medical claims for foreign facilities?

5) Are there any reference tools dealing with foreign facilities?

Please contact me directly as we are interested in getting as much information as possible.

Steve Verno CMBS, CEMCS

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Re: Need assistance with medical billing for foreign facilities?
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Before you do anything, you need to check the patient's policy. 

Some are limited to a geographical area.  For example:

When you travel outside of the Aetna service area or if your child is away at school, Aetna covers emergency care and treatment of urgent medical conditions.

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