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How this forum got started


Alice Scott:
You will notice that many of the posts are by Alice Scott or Michele Redmond.  That's because we started this forum as a result of all the questions we get on our Medical Billing Website.  We found that many people are looking for information on medical billing and we wanted to offer a place for them to get the answers. 

We started this forum with many of the questions we've received in the past two years on our "Ask the Biller" page on our website.  We posted both the question asked and the reply we gave.  We found that many people liked reading through all the questions and answers and found them very helpful.

In an effort to organize them into categories you could research, we came up with the forum.  Thanks for coming to look and we really appreciate your responses to others questions.  Feel free to post at any time.


Alice, thank you starting this forum.  I just wanted to let you and Michelle know I have been reading all the questions and post gaining knowledge and confidence.  I am a newbie to the site as mentioned before and I just wnat to say thank you again for sharing information and different experiences.


We love to hear that we are helping others.  Some days, that's what keeps us going. 

Thanks for the kind words.



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