Author Topic: What printers can you recommend for printing ub 04 and hcfa forms?  (Read 3667 times)

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Question f
What printers can you recommend for printing ub 04 and the new hcfa forms? Is there a color laser that will perform these jobs?

Did you want to print the form as well as the claims? I assume that's why you want color. We've used several different printers with pre printed forms so we didn't require color printers.

The one that I like the best is a Brother 5050 but the reason I like it is because it has two drawers. We keep one drawer full of plain white paper and one full of CMS 1500 forms.

We usually buy Brother printers, so I really can't speak for the other brands. Make sure you buy one that is fairly quick at printing and is fairly heavy duty so it lasts a while. We've got one small Brother printer at one of the computers that sometimes has a hard time keeping up with our work load. We prefer to purchase a good larger one and use the network so two or three are printing to the same printer.

If we were going to purchase a new one, I guess I would probably search the internet to see if I could find a good comparison site for printers.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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