Author Topic: My software program can only print one number in the # 17 box.  (Read 1432 times)

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I am a licensed Masters level clinical social worker in Michigan trying to catch up on my billing. I've yet to submit claims on the new 1500 form, so, I still have questions. My software program can only print one number in the # 17 box. I'm wondering whether both numbers are absolutely required for reimbursement? If so, can I manually write the information in one of the boxes? If not, which number is more important so that I can make it the default number??
Thank you,

Hi Carol,
The implementation of the NPI numbers has caused many challenges to all of us. Both the legacy and the NPI numbers are required because some insurance companies are not yet ready for the NPI numbers and do not have them all loaded into their systems. Those companies are relying on the legacy numbers to identify the provider. Unfortunately some of the insurance companies are now accepting only the NPI numbers so the NPI number must also be printed on the claim.
If you are going to try to but both numbers on the claim, instead of writing the second one in, I would try to type it in. The reason is that if the claim is scanned, handwriting may kick it out. Your numbers must also be included in box 32 and 33.
Good luck.

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