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My question is do you outsource from your home to other people like me?


Alice Scott:
Dear Alice,
I was thrilled to finally see something I may can use to get started in medical billing at home.
I recently retired from Medicare Part B as a CSR and was thinking about doing some medicare billing from my home.
Also, my daughter graduated as a certified medical coder and was working at a hospital when she became disabled. I would like to get a business started with her.
I am sending a request by mail for your book. My question is do you outsource from your home to other people, like me, to do medical billing for you? I would like to get someone that is already established and just pay a percentage.
As you see I am looking at different sources for billing.
I appreciate your time.

Hi Jane,

Hi Jane,
Congratulations on your decision. Your background should be very helpful in getting your business started. My daughter, Michele, and I started our business together so she could raise her children at home.

Our book, “How to Start Your Own Successful Medical Billing Business”,  is designed for people who want to get started with medical billing to show them exactly what they need to get started in this business to help them make the decision whether or not medical billing is for them.

It is now available in ebook format for immediate download or in a soft cover book we will ship.  You can get more information by clicking on the above link.

Your background with Medicare should be helpful in knowing where to look for clients and we have a chapter on marketing. We also wrote a separate book just on the marketing aspect as it is probably the most difficult part of getting the business started.  You can read more about it at "12 Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Medical Billing Business"

Best of luck to you and your daughter.

Alice Scott:
Hi Jane,
I realize I didn't answer part of your question.  We don't outsource any of our work.  There are 8 of us who work together here in our office in Floyd, N Y.  We enjoy working together.  We have been approached often about outsourcing, even begged to outsource.  I am very happy with out employees and they are happy with their work.  This is what works for us.


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