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I have been seeking a client and like we all know that is the most difficult part of beginning a medical billing business.  I only have the completion of the training as my background and it seems like no one dares to give someone with barely any background experience an opportunity.  I have heard that seeking new doctors opening up their own practice might be easier to get a hold of as clients but where do I find them?

Alice Scott:
Hi Sandy,
You can watch the newspapers for ads for new doctors.  Usually when they are starting out they don't have any patients yet and have to advertise.  A doctor who is just starting out is more likely to understand that everyone has to start somewhere.  When we started our business, we sent out 100 letters to local providers and then called them.  We got 2 doctors who were interested and we signed up.  It's a numbers game. 

You can stress to any potential clients your ability and desire to succeed.  You will do what it takes to do a good job.  When you don't have any clients yet, it seems like an impossibility, but next thing you know, you'll be looking for your second client.   


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