Author Topic: NPI #'s for multiple locations & services rendered in a hospital setting  (Read 2094 times)


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Hi every one! Can somebody help me with this situation? I am billing for a multi-specialty practice with numerous locations and providers. Some of the services are rendered on an outpatient basis at a hospital, however the company is renting the space from the hospital and billing the facility fees.  Should these be billed under the one NPI number that covers many different facilties, do we need a different NPI number for the different facilities or should the services be billed under the hospitals NPI#?

Any suggestions or info that you can offer will be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Randi,
   The key question is do all services get billed under one group name & one tax ID#.  If they do, then you only need one type II npi for the group.  Of course each individual provider needs his/her own individual NPI.

You don't want to bill under the hospital NPI or payment will go to the hospital.

Hope that helps. 

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