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What is the rule of thumb for patients with credits on their account? Are you required to refund the patient after a certain amount of time (eg. holding on to credits to apply toward future dos, but the patient is either rarely in or possibly moved on to another practice.)?  Thank you!

Unless that patient comes in frequently they need to be issued a refund as soon as reasonably possible.  Everywhere I have worked has been pretty compliant with that.  However, some providers are not that honest and just leave the credit on the patient's account.

Good advise Stephanie.  I usually advise my providers with a credit that they should inform the patient of the credit and ask them if they would like it applied to future amounts owed.  If the patient is not a regular, then a refund should probable be mailed to them with an explanation.  Sometimes a refund can prompt a patient to come back in!  :)


Thanks for the advice. I agree; they should have the choice of the refund or having the credit applied to a future dos. Happy billing!    ;D


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