Author Topic: J7614 code for Xopenex - Is it still valid?  (Read 2615 times)

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J7614 code for Xopenex - Is it still valid?
« on: March 02, 2008, 05:22:34 AM »
I was told this am that the code J7614, for Xopenex, is no longer valid as of 12-31-07.  Do you know what replaces it?


Hi Betty,

   I did some research on the J7614 code and I was unable to find any information on the code changing as of 1/1/08.  I would go back to the place that told you that if was no longer valid and see if they will advise you on what code is replacing it.
Sorry I couldnít be of more help.

I did get a partial answer.  The J7614 code is invalid as of 12-31-07.  It was used for the inhalation drug, Xopenex.  The new code should be J7607 for this item, but Iím having a hard time getting a definite answer, it could also be J7603.. 

Hi Betty, 

I found a little info out on the J7603.  At the following link, go down about a third of the way to the nebulizer section.  There is a description of the J7603 code.

and then I found a little info on the J7607 at the following link, again about a third of the way down

Hopefully this will help a little.

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