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I am going to begin billing for a substance abuse treatment center. I am only billing for the room and board portion on UB04s. I have figured out the revenue codes and the type of service code but I cannot find any documentation on what the type of bill would be and what value codes are required. We have private and semi-private rooms only. We do not do any detoxification. Thanks! :)


Hi Jeannie,

   Different insurance carriers may require different type of bill codes, but it looks like you would need either 861 or 891.  861 is for residential facility admit thru discharge, and 891 is for special facility other, admit thru discharge.


What about value codes? I am new to UB04 billing and have your book. I just want to make sure my first claim goes out correctly!

The value codes are only used if there are any applicable.  Look thru the list in our book and see if there are any that apply.  We don't use any value codes when billing for outpatient drug & alcohol rehab, but you should look the list over for the room & board.  I personally don't see any that seem to be appropriate for what you have described so I would leave the value codes blank.

Don't worry, you'll get it figured out.  It's always hard the first time you do something. 

Good luck


Hi am also new to the uB04 i am in North Carolina.  They have changed our Type of service from 893 86x i don know what the third number is.  This is the first time i am billing for a level III residental services. Code H0019 I also need to know the Rev Code. I keep getting denied this is the fifth time i am entering the information. Please help


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