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Good Afternoon all. My name is Peter. I am part owner of Partners Billing a small medical billing company based in Houston TX. As we are trying to grow the business, I was looking for a forum to learn some new tricks from other billers. This forum seems very active which I am glad to see. I hope to be a contributing member!


Welcome aboard Peter!  Hope you will find some helpful tips.  You will find many here willing to share.  :)

Hi I'm Lazarus, Kingsley. I have just stepped into medical billing Transaction process.
Hoping to clear all my clarifications as a fresher..  Thank you...

Did you have a question??

I work as a representative in a medical billing dept. My main tasks are to verify insurance information and to write appeals for partial payments. I purchased your books on appeal writing and billing. They are very helpful! I look forward to learning a lot! God bless!



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