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Hi everyone.
I purchsed Kareo but now realize that I need an outside clearinghouse.  does any one know of an affordable software package (installment payments would be nice - like Kareo) where I am my own clearinghouse.  And do  you think I need a separate software package if I specialize in behavioral health/psychiatric billing?  Help

I'm hoping someone else can help you out here.  I do not know of any that will allow you to be your own clearing house for Kareo.  There are a lot of posts on clearinghouses with Kareo on this post:

Hopefully someone will respond who does have some experience.


Hi Michele

I guess I am a little bit confused on the original question. She says she purchased Kareo, but now needs an outside clearinghouse.  I am a current Kareo user and the program is set up so you don't need an outside clearinghouse.  Kareo currently uses Gateway and OfficeAlly as their clearinghouses. It's wonderful! If I misunderstood please let me know. Hope this helps. Jill

   I'm not sure since I don't have any experience in Kareo.  I'm hoping that your response will help.



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