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How do you show proof (or do you) for being HIPAA compliant? I know your business has to be HIPAA compliant, so is there a certificate or something that shows that your business is HIPAA compliant so you can show your clients. Not totally sure how this works. Is it just a trust thing?

Steve Verno CMBS, CEMCS:
When a practice I worked for was being investigatd by Federal Marshalls,  they came in flashed their badges and gave us a subpoena. The first thing they asked for was the practice financial plan and then they asked to see the practice compliance plan.  Using those, they went around and started looking.  They checked to see if we were doing what we said we would be doing. They opened desk drawers to see what was in them,  they sat near the break table to see what they could hear.  They looked in trash cans.  They looked to see if computers were left unattended and available during breaks and meals.  They were with us for 2 weeks.  They spent alot of time in my office asking tons of questions and seeing how I did my job as systems manager.  When they left, all they said was we did fine.  Mainly they wanted to see if we followed our compliance plan and the practice financial plan.  This was generated based on a complaint by a Medicare patient who said they never got a refund of their ovepayment.

From what I've read, there are no 'HIPAA Police.'  They usually only investigate if a complaint is made.  The important thing is that you have a compliance plan in place and that you are following it.  If a complaint is made they will come in to see what your plan is and if you are following it.


I have been asked my numerous clients and potential clients to see my compliance plans. Your Medical Associations are advising physicians that outsource or are thinking of outsourcing to get a copy of the compliance plan from the third party medical billing company, so it's good to have this IN place ASAP

Do you no where I can obtain a compliance plan for my billing company?


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