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Since you took have you looked at DAQ by Antek?

I completely agree that you shouldn't go cheap in the beginning to cut costs, because it will cost you in the long run.  But we did look into several online programs and the problem for billing services is that they charge by practice/provider and for a billing service with many providers they are not cost effective.  I think Alice's point was that expensive is not always the best, you need to consider what your needs are now, and what you project them to be in the future, and what the costs will be.

(I can make a good guess at what Alice was thinking because she's my mom!  :)  )


i know we have touched on it before, but we always go round and round about it.  Cost is very much a part of starting your own billing company (or any business) . For anyone who has the finances, or the ability to get a small business loan, and can financially survive until you snag your first client, I can agree 100% about not looking so much into price, but what you feel your company needs in order to grow. I have been with this company for just 2 years, and we went from TDME -dos based to TDME windows based, to now possibly going with Brightree web based software program. This business has been here for 19 years, and they have had at least 5 different software programs. Products are coming out everyday offering providers more and more services. I think yes your software program should have the capabilities to grow as your practice does, but lets be realistic here....Anyone been in business for 5 years or more using the same software? How many providers have you worked for that has NOT changed software. I know personally I couldn't afford the cost of a lot of software programs because if I could, I woudn't be working a full time job waiting to get my business off the ground. I chose a free software program simply because I need to contain costs. I will eventually upgrade, and more than likely change software programs again. It is the nature of business, and I will deal with the conversion costs when I cross that road. Lets not lead newbies to believe that they need to spend so much on the software, when they actually don't.

Heres an example
"Kareo" charges $200 for each provider per month if I get 5 doctors it will come out to  $12,000 a year.
"DAQ" charges $1.00 per claim, lets say each of my 5 doctors have 100 claims per week I'll be paying $25,000 a year, OUCH  :o
"Advanced Data Systems" Charges me a Lump sum of $12,000 to $15,000 for startup but thats it, no clearing house fees No per month fees. And now I can grow to 10 clients paying only $950 to buy an Additional database per practice, Were is the scary bear  ;D

What do you guys say to this I want to here your advise, I'm only starting out and have no clue whats going on  ;)

Since you are specifically asking for opinion - here you go.

That is why I am so excited about Xena coming out with their new web based software.  I feel like a broken record, but the technology available with the web based blows the server based out of the water.  But all of the web based ones we looked at were either cheap/free and 'crap'  (sorry but I just can't think of a better adjective) or so outrageously expensive I lose my profit.  So when Xena approached me about this new SAAS technology which is what allows them to offer all the same bells and whistles as the expensive (and very good) web based softwares but at a fraction of the cost - yeah I was excited.  I know there is a risk with them being a newer company, but I've been working personally with them for about 18 months and they are great to work with.  Also, the data is backed up on Amazon so even the worst case scenario isn't bad.  They charge per seat (computer) not per provider or per claim or per practice.  There will be some clearing house fees if you want to submit thru any that do charge, but they will just be the actual clearing house fees, no mark ups, no paying for anything you don't need.  The capabilities of the software are the same or better than some of the most expensive ones out there.   I am sold on it.  I am glad someone finally found a way to offer great software at an amazing price.



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