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--- Quote ---PMRNC is different then me going through the PM and getting log in and passwords and having the domain administrator adding me as a user? am going to work from my house and going to remote myself in their system.
--- End quote ---

If your using a web based PM system you don't need   I only use to accommodate clients who are not on a web based system.

The cloud-based Doctor and Clinic Management System Software may prove useful to you. It incorporates a very strongly built medical billing and payments module.

You do not have to pay license fees to use this software. The software is delivered On-Demand. You need to subscribe to its services by paying small monthly fees.

Has anyone been able to get more reasonable pricing for multiple providers from  H big cloud based vendors (Kareo, advance, collaborate, etc...)?

We have not looked into it in several years, but we did an extensive search a couple years back and we were never able to locate a cloud based software that was reasonable for multiple providers.  We worked with a company trying to develop one but they didn't succeed.

Is there anything besides meditouch that has a “create chart” from eligibility check feature?


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