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Has anyone noticed a slowdown of how long it takes to have a clean claim process and pay?  United has always been notorious for their slow and/or incorrect claim processing, but it is taking 2 to 3 months to get paid,  I have to call on EVERY claim I file now.  Usually they deny incorrectly and when they finally pay, it is not the correct amount.

A rep at a DME company remarked that all of their claim processing has slowed down dramatically.  Is anyone else experiencing this and if so, is it any particular payor?

I've noticed that Medicare has slowed down, our payments for November were down because of the slow down in claim payments.

But, keep in mind this is the peak time of the year for claim submission, kids are in school and getting sick and the number of claims to process have increased.  Plus, claims examiners are taking vacation time around the holidays, so claim production areas are not fully staffed.

We haven't noticed what you are describing.  There are always the notoriously slower payers but I haven't noticed anything different in the past few months than we have had for the past 5 years.  UHC is definitely one of the harder payers to work with, but we haven't had the problems you have described.


BDHobbs1 is right, there are a lot of vacations around this time of year and it does affect the claim processing time.  But if you are submitting clean claims electronically it helps.  They can actually go thru without human intervention which will help with the processing time.  Of course that will be affected by the type of claims you are submitting.


Trisha Reyes:
what state are you in and have you heard of the promt pay statutes and filing a complaint with your states insurance commissioner? Those who scream the loudest will be heard first. Insurance companies some times need a nudge or at least to realize that you are aware of your rights.

good luck!


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