Author Topic: Correcting Claims - Billed under wrong provider  (Read 1957 times)


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Correcting Claims - Billed under wrong provider
« on: May 26, 2010, 10:33:39 PM »
Question: What do you do to correct some claims that you mistakenly billed under the main provider at the office instead of the actual provider who rendered services?  What occurred is the main provider's signature was on superbill as well as the actual rendering provider's signature.(Both signatures are also on the office note inside the chart because the rendering provider was still new.) Thus, being used to billing just under the main provider - these bills were billed under main provider.  Should I just do corrected claim and resubmit?  Some claims have already been paid.  Do I need to refund the money and then resubmit corrected claim with actual rendering provider's name on it? How should I go about fixing these?  Or are they okay because the main provider has signed on the exam record/office note as well? ???


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Re: Correcting Claims - Billed under wrong provider
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Resubmit them under a cover letter explaining the error.
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