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With all the changes with HIPAA, Does anyone know what the appropriate time is to update hipaa forms?  For example:   In our counseling and psychology office, we have a client that has had continuous treatment for 3 years,  how often do we have the client update a hipaa?  Also, how often should we have them update demographic information?  All this information plus other information is all loaded on a program for electronic medical records.   NO PAPER CHARTS

As far as demographic info that is up to you.  Usually it is good to ask if there are any changes at least once a year, usually in January. 

As for HIPAA, most offices just make the patient resign their HIPAA form to indicate that they are aware of the office's HIPAA policies.


ok  thanks so much

Also remember that a provider/practice's compliance plan and policies and procedures should actually tell you how often those are to be updated as well as re-signed/filed.  If

Would the compliance plan and the clinic policy be one in the same?


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