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if the pt truely has applied for disability I would think you would be getting a notice from SS requesting the pts charts. Do you have any proof that this pt has applied for disability? I know hard to believe but people try and make you feel sorry for them to get out of paying.. My favorite one is. I"m a single mom with 3 kids. I always say. Oh man I know how hard that is, so am I, what kind of payment arrangements can we make.  :D

My "resolution" this year is any new patients, who have a deductible (I verify benefits while they're here) MUST pay at time of service.  At least SOMETHING.  We've had too many new patients who come 2-3 times, the doctor is a hero and fixes them, then they decide not to pay.  Well, NO MORE!

I actually LOVE the patients who tell you they can't pay it all at once, can they make payments?  Then we're right up front, and it never gets icky over money.

Every practice should have both a Policies and Procedures manual as well as a financial hardship policy so that there are NO grey area's. 80% of these type of questions could be answered from the P&P!  If you work in an office with neither of these... get on the doctors to have one done ASAP. If you are a medical billing company than include that in your provider responsibility section of your contract. I get a copy of every one of my clients P&P and if they don't have one I give them a quote to create one for them. :)

Same goes for compliance plans


--- Quote from: Michele on January 22, 2011, 07:30:28 PM ---I don't understand why they wait until they've been billed so many times before they mention the position they are in.  Don't they know when they came in that they won't be able to pay? 
--- End quote ---

No, not necessarily. Most patients think they understand their insurance policies and that they can trust the billing office to send in clean claims. They aren't expecting to be hit with sudden medical bills and they may not have the money to pay them. Times are economically hard for most people.


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