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UB04 Billing Questions
« on: May 03, 2011, 09:23:18 PM »
Questions on the UB04:
1. HCFA 1500 forms are "signed", do you have to "sign" UB04 forms? If so, where do they sign?
2. On line 42-47 when you are listing multiple "procedure codes"  on facility bills (ASC), do you have to "total" the charges and use 0001 as the rev code for that "total" line? or just enter the total in the "Totals" box on the form?
3. If I am using multiple CPT codes and listing them on seperate lines, for an ASC(and using Rev code 0490), do I put in the rev code for each line or only the first cpt line? So, I guess the question is, do you put a rev code in for each seperate cpt line?
4. In the "Description" section Line 43, is it a description of the "rev code" ie "Ambulatory Surgery Center"(for rev code 0490)  or a "description" of the "procedure rerformed"? ie a description of the cpt code procedure?
3. I bought your digital book (very helpful and well done...)and the information is kind of light on taxonomy codes? It seems like when it was written, they were not in use? Do I need to use taxonomy codes for an ASC facility bill? and if I am supposed to enter one on line 81 of the UB04, do I use the taxonomy code for the facility or the specialty of the surgeon performing the procedure? Also, if I need to add a taxonomy code? What are the qualifiers? This is for an outpatient ASC?

Really appreciate this forum! Great help and really interesting.


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Re: UB04 Billing Questions
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2011, 07:21:12 AM »
1.  There is no place on the UB04 to 'sign'

2.  we have always just totaled all charges at the bottom

3.  put the rev code on each line

4.  most descriptive of the service, so the cpt or procedure, "ambulatory surgery center" is too vague

3.  ??  (we went backwords!)  At the time written, taxonomy codes were not required.  At this point, only certain insurance carriers are requiring them.  If required you would enter the taxonomy ( I would use the ambulatory surgery center taxonomy) in box 81.  The qualifier should be 'ZZ'.

Glad the book was helpful!
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