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Hi Michelle,

I made a phone call to the provider who is enrolled with Medicare. He's  about 10 mins from where I work at. I stopped by to get general idea about his billing. They have Medicare/Medicaid. Most of the clients that received service is Medicare only.  The person who does billing only knows Medicaid. Not all there. However, I told them about myself and what I could offer. He wants me to come back. There assignment when I left was to get all the paperwork needed for billing this was on Monday. I called back today to followup nothing done. She has not had time. Called back today and set up an appointment to do an Assessment to see more. I did ask her how many clients do they service. I don't know.  I am going to charge him. From what it sounds it will be from scratch. Now I have to determine a fee. What would the norm be?


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Re: Help!
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If you are going to be submitting the billing on his behalf the normal fee is to charge a percentage.  The average is from 5% - 13% depending on where you are located (in the country), what type of provider, and what level of service you are providing. 

You could charge a flat fee but I think it would be hard to get enough info to determine what that should be.  You could also charge a per claim fee, but if you need to track the claims that doesn't always work out well.

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