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« on: January 16, 2012, 02:19:25 PM »
Anyone heard of a company by the name of FedMed?
They say they are not a credentialing service but can get you contracted with the large insurance companies and this is what services they provide:

"Providers participating in the Interest Payment Program experience FedMed's commitment to work aggressively with our payor clients to get your claims paid faster.  If FedMed is unable to facilitate the 30 day deadline from our clients accessing our network, then you will be paid interest (which is in addition to any state mandated interest that the insurance company may owe you) from the day your patient leaves your facility until the payment date from the insurance company is issued.  The annual interest rate we are currently paying is 5.1%, which is higher than any other interest rate your money is likely to earn in 2011."

Anyone heard of this before????


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Re: FedMed
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Here is what their website says:

 "FedMed is positioned as one of the largest proprietary Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) networks in the United States.

Our network is comprised of over 550,000 total providers, including 4,000 hospitals and more than 60,000 ancillary facilities.

We offer state-of-the art EDI and Web-based repricing options.

Please contact us directly regarding information on FedMed Products and Services."

"Product: Preferred Provider Organization with over 550,000 Physicians, 4,000 Hospitals and 60,000 Ancillary Care Providers nationwide"

they have a provider search on their page..

Couple of things struck me as odd.  The website is pretty BLAH.. you would think a good sized and well reputable and recognizable company would have something a bit more functional and accommodating. Their provider search lets you search but you need to imput info vs. MOST PPO's let you see which doctors are in network.   I don't know, but you know me.. ever the skeptic <g>
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Re: FedMed
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I am to (in a really bad way) that is why I asked and I am glad you answered!