Author Topic: If patient has $1000 medical deductible under PIP, can you bill health ins?  (Read 1298 times)


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A particular patient has Geico PIP coverage of 80% and he is responsible for 20% after meeting a $1000 deductible. Once the deductible has been met, am I to bill their HEALTH ins (Aetna) for the 20% they owe per visit? If so, what happens if they also have a $800 deductible under their health insurance? Is it possible to send Aetna the Geico EOBS to show the deductible has been met and have this apply to their $800 deductible? Seems like the patient will always be paying a large sum out of pocket. Is it possible to just charge the patient the 20% and ignore the coverage with Aetna?


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Bill the PIP first, then send a copy of the EOB with the claim to Aetna (that was the secondary, right?).  This will be the same as any other Primary/Secondary insurance situation.  There are deductibles and co-pays to meet on both plans.  The patient will have to pay the portion that they owe.