Author Topic: Where does name of medical billing service go on CMS 1500?  (Read 1671 times)


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Where does name of medical billing service go on CMS 1500?
« on: March 09, 2008, 12:25:40 PM »

I have two questions I was hoping you might be able to answer for me. First one is where does the name of the medical billing service go on the CMS-1500 form? We are doing the billing for several different providers and want to make sure the payments are issued to our lock box as per our agreement with the providers. The second is the printer we have isnít printing our claim forms correctly and we havenít been able to find the one that was recommended to us, do you have any suggestions as to a printer that works well for printing claims?



Hi Randi,

   First, you shouldnít be putting the billing serviceís name on the CMS form.  What you need to do is to make sure that all of the insurance companies have your lock box address as the providerís pay to Ė correspondence address.  That way payments will go to the lock box.  You would have the providerís name with the address of the lock box.

Also, as far as printers go, Iím not sure what you mean when you say the printer isnít printing the claim forms correctly.  It may not be the printer but it may be a software issue.  We have had very good luck with Brother printers.  Weíve used different models, but the HL series seems to be very good. 

Good luck

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