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SLITTLES  I am agree with you!

I have used several different softwares.  Total MD is my favorite so far. Total MD has better prices. Total MD also offers web based software or you can but it outright for your computer. It has many strengths including strong technical support and interconnectivity to other products and electronic services

In earlier posts, I reported that we use QuicDocs for our EMR and Office Therapy for billing.  We purchased these products in 2008.  At that time, we were told that the company was working on intergrating the two together.  5 years later, this has not happened.  When a new patient comes in, we are having to do double work in entering all information in both systems.  Office Therapy does not have a user friendly invoice and does not (no matter the settings) print correct invoices on a monthly basis for patients.  The reports are very select and also are not user friendly.  The EMR system has alot of positive things, however, the report processes are time consuming due to the fact we have give a "rough draft" of reports we want to the company once you reach them and its just long and drawn out.   Now, with all of the 2013 mental health codes changes our clearinghouse, Gateway EDI seems to be having alot of issues on receiving claims, sending proper reports, sending proper rejections (if any).   We are an office of medical psychologists and licensed professional counselors.  We are looking to changing our emr, billing software and clearinghouse.  we would like to have emr and billing in 1 system.   any ideas would be appreciated.   we do not have md's on staff.  we are strictly mental health only, office based.

I bill strictly for mental health professionals and love Kareo. But I have used Therapy Appointment as well. Both work well.

We bill mainly for ST and OT and use a web based system that we have been happy with.  It is called My Clients Plus and it is designed for individual and group practices with focus on behavioral, occupational, speech and physical therapists.  However, my clients have small practices, so I can't really give good feedback if you are billing for a large practice.  You have a 30 day free trial and the customer support has been good for the most part. 

thank you for your information.


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